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Yuri Vanetik is an experienced professional operating in these three fields. Learn more about Yuri by exploring the links below.


Yuri Vanetik understands the importance of giving back to the community. Yuri is committed to helping a variety of different causes, including those related to the arts, children’s health, pressing political issues, and his personal business endeavors. None of these enterprises, however, are as important nor as fulfilling as his passion for education.


Yuri Vanetik has taken on numerous financial leadership roles within American politics. During this time, he has proven himself to be a formidable political coalition builder. Yuri Vanetik has held prominent leadership positions in both state and federal government and held advisory positions for some of America’s most prominent leaders.


Yuri Vanetik is on the board of Artstory Advisors, an art advisory and interior design business. Artstory Advisors is the brainchild of Kristina Semenovskaia, who is committed to providing clients with unique insight into collecting and decorating. Mr. Vanetik has a strong passion for art and enjoys having the opportunity to provide insight and help alter peoples lives.

Professional Overview

Yuri Vanetik is a private investor, philanthropist, and political coalition builder. He is the principal of Vanetik International, LLC.   Presently, he advises several financial firms and invests in private equity transactions, both domestically and overseas.  In the past, he served as an executive within the financial sector, advising boards and principals of public and private companies on capital formation, marketing, acquisitions and dispositions. Mr. Vanetik serves on corporate boards, boards of non-profits, and political organizations.

Yuri Vanetik began his legal career, practicing corporate law with Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP, in Pittsburgh, PA.  Subsequently, he served as founding partner of Iger, Koehler & Vanetik, LLP, a law firm specializing in corporate governance, counseling boards of publicly traded companies and representing independent directors, and committees on which they serve.  Generally, his legal practice  had centered on corporate combinations, and finance.